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We know that once you see how a great mobile site can improve the virtual image of your business, you will value the importance of your online presence equally as much as your offline presence.

Most business owners do not realize the importance of an online mobile presence or the role a professional mobile website plays and the impact it can have on their business. Not only in terms of a business’ reputation, but also in how readily accessible a business becomes in search engine results and online directories. Mobile devices are now the dominant way people connect to the internet and when searching for restaurants or any other local business these days.

This is currently an opportunity particularly for small businesses because most owners are unaware of the benefits of mobile SEO and mobile marketing. As a result, the majority of small business websites are either not mobile optimized or do not rank high in search engines like Google. Most of these smaller businesses rely solely on free directory listings like Yelp and yellow pages for their internet presence instead of on their own website. For this reason, a mobile site can be optimized for mobile search very easily in most cases and easily set a business apart from their competitors in the local area. Small businesses should embrace this opportunity in order to gain a competitive advantage in their market.