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The team at Mobi Pro Design continues to stay on top of the latest trends in mobile marketing. We know that mobile strategies are available that most smaller businesses are not utilizing which could very likely increase sales and profits immensely by simply implementation. One of these strategies happens to involve their existing website and whether it is mobile optimized. This is due to the change Google made on April 21, 2015 when they began prioritizing their top ten mobile search results based on how nicely they displayed on mobile phones. The nicer or more mobile friendly a site looked on a mobile phone, the higher it could potentially be listed in Google’s mobile search results for a particular keyword. And depending on how competitive a market is, a website could lose it’s position simply because it is not mobile-friendly.

Many business owners with a regular desktop website remain unaware of exactly why this is crucial to sustaining their existing web rankings and are doing nothing about it. This is where the opportunity lies. If some of these website owners that were not ranking so easily before Google’s April update were to simply mobile optimize their site, they would gain an immediate ranking advantage over their competitors who did nothing and simply left it to Google to decide which sites to bump to the top. With just this one strategy in place and done correctly, your company can easily gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

This is why you need to ensure that your mobile presence is optimal and maintained. Mobi Pro design offers businesses the tools to design and launch a mobile optimized version of there existing desktop website in just minutes.

Our user-friendly mobile website builder and implementation process is simple and straight forward to allow for most business owners to do most of it themselves. However, if you need our help, we can do it for you for a small fee.

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